Monogram Golden Retrievers

Monogram Golden Retrievers is the joy of Michael & Michele Leon.  Michael & Michele have been involved in the Golden Retriever breed since 1982.  They have shared their lives with some wonderful Goldens over the years.  One of these special dogs was Am Mex Can Ch. Sunjoies Shawn of Monogram SDHF, OS -- Shawn. He was one of the Top 5 Goldens for 1989-90-91. Shawn’s outstanding qualities exposed Michele to the ins and outs of the conformation show world and the secrets of “Golden” grooming.  They learned the dog show world together, and Michele soon found herself dabbling (for 7 years) in showing dogs as a professional handler. Michele had the good fortune to work and show for some of the top Golden kennels and breeders and to learn from some of the greatest Golden handlers of the past   

Michael, when not playing with all of us, spends the majority of his time working His job keeps him busy traveling throughout the Western US.  


Along this journey they have not only been fortunate to meet countless lifelong friends, but also to be able to share with each other and their Golden family.  Goldens have, and will continue to be, a hobby that opens doors to wonderful blessings.